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    Refuge Recovery And In Love With An Angel

           Last night, I attended a meeting sponsored by a group called Refuge Recovery ( It was held at a space in Santa Monica run by an organization called Against The Stream ( The approach blends Buddhist teachings and recovery principles to facilitate a very supportive and loving sangha (community).

           The meeting resonated with me very deeply. When I get home, I'll become part of the community in Boston, where Refuge Recovery is apparently very big.

           We meditated. We practiced and discussed Buddhist principles, such as mindfulness, loving kindness, forgiveness, generosity, and compassion; particularly towards oneself. And, when it came time to share, a lot of people stated, proudly, to be originally from the east coast. There were an especially large contingency of New Jersey transplants. 

           Well now. Let's see. Buddhism. Meditation. New Jersey. It caused me to think of someone very special. And it inspired me to share this poem I wrote about her......




    In Love with an Angel

    My heart exploded

    Sweet Emotions

    Rained like bold and beautiful

    Divine and benign shrapnel

    All over my life


    With her wings on the inside

    She helped me fly

    To places I've never been

    To places we've never been


    One night

    In a dance of fire and flesh

    She asked me, "What is this?"

    I whispered

    "I think we both know what this is"

    The words speaking themselves

    As if Love itself was talking


    In Love with an Angel

    Felt like nothing else

    Heaven on earth

    I found her

    She found me

    Dreams came true

    God smiled


    - Clint Piatelli


    ©2017 Clint Piatelli, MuscleHeart LLC, and Red F Publishing. All rights reserved. 

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