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    Two ways.

    1) Email.

    Go to the page "Subscribe To MuscleHeart - What's Inside Me by Email" and/or "Subscribe to Photo Of The Moment by Email" and fill in your email address. Check your email for a confirmation (it may take a few mintes or longer). Click on the confirmation, and Presto! You will get new content emailed directly to you every time I make a new post.

    2) RSS Feed

    Go to the page "Blog - What's Inside Me RSS" and/or "Photo Of The Moment RSS". At the top right hand side of the page, in the box that says "Subscribe Now!", click on one the web-based news reader buttons, such as My Yahoo!, Google, or Pageflakes. If you already use one of these news readers, I suggest you stick with the one you already have. If you don't use a news reader, choose any one of them. I personally like Pageflakes. You then get taken to that news reader and then just sign up. It's painless and takes under two minutes. My blog shows up on your list of feeds.

    If you still have trouble subscribing, please email me directly and I will do whatever I can to help.