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    New Good Mornings

            Whilst in residential treatment in the Sonoran desert of Arizona, I developed a morning ritual that I would like to share.

            Ever since my first forays into the Mohave when I was 22, the desert has been a magical place for me; like the ocean, it has a palpable spiritual energy and power. My intention, from jump street, was to find a way to connect to that power first thing in the morning.

           There was a quarter mile loop of dirt track at the facility that wound its way into the desert, with a spectacular view of the Catalina mountains. Every morning, for 39 days, I would start my day by jumping up on a boulder, speckled with copper ore and many other colorful minerals. Rocks also hold magic for me, and standing atop this gorgeous geological specimen gave me the experience of being firmly grounded to the solidness of the earth. That sense of being rooted as I connected to the spiritual power of the desert was critical for me. Metaphysically, I have no problem flying into the stratosphere and beyond. Being grounded, however, has always remained a challenge.

           Once atop this boulder, which also gave me a little elevation, so not only did I feel grounded, but I had the experience of floating a bit as well, I came up with a chant. I would hold my arms wide open, in a "T" position, and repeat my chant as I looked at the mountains. Then I would look to the sky, arms raised in a "Y", and repeat the chant again. I did this three times.

           After that, I would walk the track three times, during which I would either do a walking mediation, or recite a mantra or a prayer over and over again. The ritual helped prepare me for the long day of work, healing, growth, and unknown challenges.

           Today, I continue a form of this ritual, no matter where I am. I may not always have the desert to connect to, but I still connect to the power of whatever nature I'm surrounded by. Which is a little better than starting off my day with a blast of Jack Daniels and a line of crushed up pain killers.


    "I open myself to Mother Earth

    I open myself to The Divine

    I open Myself to The Divine In Me

    I open myself to Love

    I open myself to Life

    I open myself to Miracles

    I open myself to The Miracle That Is Me

    I open myself to Healing

    I open myself to Growth

    I open myself to Transformation

    I open my Heart

    I open my Mind

    I open myself to Faith, Hope, and Trust

    I pull the Light of The Universe into My Heart

    Today is A Great Day"


     ©2017 Clint Piatelli, MuscleHeart LLC, and Red F Publishing. All rights reserved.


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