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    i don’t understand it
    maybe that’s why i get it

    i can’t explain it
    maybe that’s why i write about it

    i can’t get to the bottom of it
    i can’t even get to the top of it

    maybe that’s why i’m perpetually in the middle of it

    the origin of my strength
    is my vulnerability

    the origin of my power
    is my surrender

    the origin of how i feel
    is what i have never felt

    the origin of my commitment
    is born from my recklessness

    my irreverence
    is born from my connection to the sacred

    i reach underneath
    scratch away all the noise
    get to what’s real
    ring the bell

    i open myself to a deafening resonance
    it burns, it hurts, it soothes, it heals

    it makes me deaf
    it makes me blind
    it makes me dumb

    maybe that is where i need to be
    maybe that is where i have to be

    maybe that is the only place
    where i can truly hear

    maybe that is the only place
    where i can truly see

    maybe that is the only place
    from which i can truly speak

                                  - Clint Piatelli

    ©2016 Clint Piatelli, MuscleHeart LLC, and Red F Publishing



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