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    15 Bands and Their Albums That Changed The (My) World

    The rules are: list 15 Band’s who’s albums (can be more than one per band) Dented Your Universe.

    As I post this here on my website, and also on my facebook page, I realize that this is where social media can be a powerful force for human connection.

    Because, even with fun little shit like this list, we truly get the chance to share a piece of our heart and soul with the whole world. Furthermore, we declaratively invite others to share a piece of their heart and soul as well.

    How fuckin' cool is that?

    Yes, it’s just a silly little list here on my own website, and there on facebook.......

    And, Yes, it's a potent cyber-vehicle, providing an opportunity for us to connect in a way that is potentially far more intimate and meaningful than initially apparent.

    So here is some of The Music That Dented My Universe and Continues to Do So Every Time I Hear It. I invite you to share yours......

    Santana - “Moonflower”
    Van (Fucking) Halen - “Van Halen”, “Fair Warning”
    The Beatles - “Help”, “Revolver”
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - “One More From The Road”
    Metallica - “Metallica”, “Load”
    Pearl Jam - “Ten”, “Vs.”
    Aerosmith - “Aerosmith”, “Toys In The Attic”
    Kiss - “Alive!”, “Destroyer”
    U2 - “The Joshua Tree”
    Elton John - “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, "Greatest Hits"
    Black Country Communion - “Live Over Europe”
    The Cult - “Love”, “Sonic Temple”
    Deep Purple - “Made In Japan”
    The Eagles - “Greatest Hits”
    The Commonwealth - “All I Know Is All I Know”

    Crucial Editor’s Note: The last band and album on this list is a group I actually had the privilege to play with. As a musician, to experience the rare opportunity to PERFORM, LIVE, some of the most powerful and moving music I have ever heard, with the very people who wrote that music.....well, let me tell you, THAT IS LIFE MAGIC.

    The Commonwealth are now called The Crooked Coast, and they are amazing. Check out their Facebook page (, and their website (


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