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    Scream of Defiance

            Waking myself up at two in the morning by my own scream can’t be called a pleasant experience. But it can be called a necessary experience. It means that something very deep within me is happening, something that quite literally screams for attention. My subconscious is yelling at me. I’m effectively yelling at myself. Who better to pay attention to?
            Luckily, my dream recall is excellent, and I know enough to write the dream down as soon as I wake up because our dream recall fades quickly after waking. It’s also a good idea to title the dream, because our association, and hence our memory of it, is stronger when we have something specific to call it. I called this one “Scream of Defiance”.

    I knew that my purple house was going to be invaded by military troops, so I went to this  camp to learn how to defend it. The camp was being run by the very soldiers who were going to be invading. One of the things I was trying to decide at the camp was if we - I was living at the house with others - should defend the place at all.

    I knew I had a week to decide. But as I returned home and was walking through my front door, a bunch of troops ambushed us and started shooting. They held me at gunpoint while I heard them go through the house shooting and killing others. Scared shitless, I was thinking how much it was going to hurt getting shot and what it was going to feel like to die. The anticipation was horrible, as the house went dead silent and I waited, for what felt like an hour, for the leader to give the order to shoot me.

    The order came, they shot me, and I was sure I was hit and I was sure I was bleeding. But I was still alive. I started to cry, and had a sensation of pain in my stomach, but it wasn’t bad at all. It may have even been imagined.

    Then a couple of guys in lab coats came over to me and jabbed needles into my neck. I knew the needles were meant to hurt me and were suppose to either knock me out, render my nervous system inert, or make me talk. But the needles didn’t have any effect on me. The lab coat guys started yelling at me, accusing me of a whole bunch of stuff, and I protested, because what they were saying were all lies. They stuck another needle in my neck, thinking it would make me pass out. But I didn’t.

    I could feel myself bleeding. Then I stood up and I could see blood all over me and all over them. After standing, I looked right at the lab coat guys and the remaining soldiers. I made fists, spread out my arms and flexed them, like an animal making himself bigger. Then I screamed, loud and long. I woke up screaming and continued screaming for at least five seconds after I awoke.

            Holly Metaphor, Batman. My next post will go into this much deeper. Please stay tuned. Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel.

    © 2011 Clint Piatelli. All Rights (and Paramilitary Operation of Wrongs) Reserved.

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