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    Over….thirty years ago

    I found myself a tribe

    At a college outside of Philly

    That had an Augustinian vibe


    Corr Hall, t’was the incubus

    A dorm, just for Freshman men

    The bonds were formed, tight as fuck

    It’s been one wild ride since then


    Sophomore year, most of us lived

    In Sullivan Third Floor West

    Those who didn’t, just came on by

    Always giving us their mayhemic best


    Our dorm wing, oh baby did it reek

    Of beer, of pizza, of pussy, of dope

    The Boys Were Back In Town you know

    And mama, we pushed the envelope


    Third Floor West was a bastion of testosterone

    A seething cauldron of Mayhem, Noise, and Madness

    I played my drums at 2 AM

    Fuck ‘Em if they wanted to rest


    We partied, we laughed, we were very naughty boys

    We even formed a band

    The Albino Skunks, my brainchild

    The Best Band In The Land


    Skullduggery! Debauchery! Tomfoolery! Outlandishness! 

    That was our stock in trade

    But we were all so genuine and lovable

    Man, we had it made


    Mole, Murph, Charlie, Harry, Hawk

    Coons, Billy Bud, Mike, Cage, DoucheMan, Prep

    Bobby, Timmy, SuperFly, Triple Jay, Andy

    Who did I forget?


    The next two years, The Skunk House was the epicenter

    A Total Dive of ill repute, scandal, and fun

    We defaced her walls, nearly burnt her down, 

    Billy Bud painted giant murals to the envy of everyone


    Today, years later, my life’s sweetest sugar

    Is that we still make time for each other

    The dance we do

    Can not be described

    By any other word but “Brother”


    In every group 

    There has to be

    A romantic, a poet, a soul

    One who will always say The Unsaid

    To help us ROCK AND ROLL


    “I Love You KnuckleHeads With Every Fucking Fiber of My Heart.”


         - SuperFly Clint

            March 15, 2018


    ©2018 Clint Piatelli, MuscleHeart LLC, and Red F Publiahing. All rights reserved.

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