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    I Want A Woman

    I want a woman

    Who Loves It when I call her a girl

    Who makes my whole life a whirl

    Who’s heart is a tapestry to unfurl


    I want a woman

    Who will camp out naked and alone in the desert with me

    And not be afraid, you see

    Because she knows I will fight to the death for thee


    I want a woman

    Who will gaze at the stars all night

    And let me teach her about the wonder of light

    Who will always put up a little fight

    When I go to tie her up tight


    I want a woman

    Who can’t get enough of my touch

    Who doesn’t think I’m too much

    Who comes through for me in the clutch


    I want a woman

    Who is as curious as a child

    Who’s heart is free and wild

    Who's mind is completely unbridled

    By the bullshit of a world beguiled


    I want a woman

    Who stares at me and asks

    “Please take off your mask”

    “I’m not gonna judge you, I’m only gonna Love You”

    “No matter how hard that task.”


    I want a woman

    Who can handle all that I express

    Who is crazy about my caress

    Who’s heart I make fluoresce

    Who I feel safe to confess

    All that causes me distress 

    All that makes my life a mess


     I won’t settle for anything less




    Neither should you



        - Clint Piatelli, Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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