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    Between You And The Wall

    Should you ever find yourself up against The Wall

    With your back pressed tightly against it


    Feeling like you have nowhere to go

    Feeling like you don't know what to do or where to turn

    Feeling like there is no one who can help


    I will put my strong and loving arms behind you

    I will put my strong and loving arms around you

    I will cradle your body 

    I will cradle your soul

    I will pull you towards me

    I will meld myself to you and to your struggle


    I will put myself 

    Between You and The Wall


    So that you may breathe

    And in that breath

    Take that first crucial step away from the edge

    With me


    You Will Be Safe

    You Will Be Loved

    You Will Be Okay

    You Will Know

    That I Have You

    You Will Know

    That We Are In This Together

    No Matter What


    We Will Move As One



    Or maybe Straight Back

    Right through that Fucking Wall


    We will do

    Whatever it takes

    To get you out of there


    That Is What Love Means To Me 

    That Is What You

    Mean To Me


    - Clint Piatelli

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