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    Love's Up

    Love relationships change our lives. Whether it’s an intimate sexual relationship, or an intimate non-sexual one, if there is love there, that love energy has the power to touch us, move us, shift us, change us, even turn us inside out.

    With every love relationship I have, be it a friend or a lover, I go as deep as I can. I go as deep as the relationship allows, as deep as you allow; maybe I even push that envelope. I am open to exploring the depths of myself, the depths of you, and the depths of us. I will connect with you as deeply and as powerfully as this relationship allows. And each relationship is unique. Each one has its own shifting floors and ceilings. I want to be at the top and the bottom of that flow with you. I want to be riding that intimacy edge.

    That sounds pretty intense, and it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Riding that edge manifests itself in countless ways, unique to each relationship. What I bring is the energy and the desire for intimacy, for connection, for love. And then I go with what you give me, with what you want, and flow with the energy of whatever we create together.

    The following quote is possibly the most beautiful and complete description of love I’ve ever come across. It mirrors my own feelings very sharply.

    "I do not want to be lost in love; I desire to be found. Discovered and uncovered bit by glorious bit; mind, body, heart and soul revealed and revered in each facet. I long to have my paths wandered by an explorer on a deep journey of love who reveals in the sacred space experienced in each discovery of the divine. I do not want to be lost in love; I desire to surrender to it fully, a willing leap and not a stumbled fall."    ~Ara

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