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    The Evolution of Love

    Someday, in the maybe not so far future, we humans are going to communicate with animals in ways that today sound like science fiction. 

    Presently, we Homo sapiens are only scratching the surface of how we communicate between ourselves, within our own species. So it's "No Shit" that we have virtually no understanding of how animals communicate with each other; we have no fucking clue how animals communicate with us.

    That's where we are at, presently. And, even within that, we connect with animals in profound and beautiful ways. We reach them through the most powerful frequency of Pure Love. Just like the most powerful and profound way that we humans connect to each other. 

    Lo and behold, this communication between species is not limited to domestic animals. Have you seen some of the videos of people having amazing, intimate interactions with Tigers, Lions, and Bears (oh my!); With Wolves and Primates? Have you seen how some of us have the ability to bond with wild  animals in ways that seem impossible? 

    There is something magic here between us and animals already. There exists some wavelength of connection between humans and animals that is supremely powerful. So why is it absurd to believe that we will deepen that connection, and gain a new understanding of it, of them, as we evolve? Why is it ridiculous to know that, someday, we will be able to bond with animals in ways that approach, or even exceed, the level of connection we currently feel with our own species? 

    I already see that. I see that, someday, we will be able to communicate on a mutually understandable level that will make our current paradigm appear positively rudimentary and primitive. Which it is. 

    But, even this current connection is beautiful, and deep, and sacred. It needs to be honored. And nurtured. And developed. There's so much we can learn from animals. 

    Someday, I believe we will share this earth will animals, with indeed all sentient beings, in a way that will shift our planet and our collective consciousness in ways we can't even fathom. And that shift will coincide with a major shift in our understanding of each other. All of it will be simply a development of our connection to that which Lives, that which Gives Life, that which Is Life, with that which is Love. Someday, I see us able to vibrate together with ALL that lives, with ALL that loves. Including trees and plants. There is already evidence that plants see, and feel, and experience, and connect, and respond, to love, to us and to this world in ways we don't get. 

    We aren't as smart as we think. I believe we are only as intelligent as our capacity to feel. And we have a long way to go before our emotional intelligence, our love intelligence, catches up with our intellectual intelligence. 

    I'm doing what I can to further this rather heady aspiration. This very post was all gleaned from a simple, beautiful picture of me and a little dog named Scooby.....


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