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    Last Year......

    Last Year……


    Drove across the country and back

    Touched others
    Was Touched by others

    Spent my whole winter skiing in Colorado

    Strove to be more generous and giving

    Played and played and played in the snow

    Spent time with loved ones in California I haven’t seen in many years

    Did some of the best writing of my life

    Visited my sister in Phoenix

    Spent my summer
    At magical places
    Cape Cod

    Met some of the most amazing people of my life

    Flew on the trapeze

    Went deep into my own heart and soul

    Asked myself some tough questions
    Some of which I’m still answering

    Reconnected with the love of my life
    That was not to be

    Finished the first draft of my book

    Moved into a new beautiful space

    Joined a new band

    Made a Christmas CD


    Fucked up a lot
    Learned a lot

    Had some of my highest highs
    Had some of my lowest lows

    Tried to be the best man I could be
    Wasn’t always
    Keep trying

    Kept searching

    Dreamt some dreams I’ve never dreamt
    Felt some things I’ve never felt
    Saw some things I’ve never seen
    Did some things I’ve never done

    Stayed fit and healthy

    Pushed my own envelope
    And understand I need to keep pushing it even more

    Know I have lots of work to do
    And always will

    Let the world see more of my heart
    More of me

    Took lots of risks

    Know My Best Is Yet To Come

                              -Clint Piatelli
                                December 31, 2014

    Reader Comments (3)

    Nice. I like how your open,its a bit inspiring to someone who is re-opening her own heart to the world

    January 6, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterShari Tallman

    I can only believe, that the best is yet to come

    January 6, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterShari Tallman

    I loved what you wrote. And I'm thrilled to be on this new journey with you, however small my part.


    May 14, 2015 | Registered CommenterClint Piatelli

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