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    I Know It's Only Rock N' Roll

           Getting ready to go out the other day, the movie Almost Famous was on the television, playing in the background. In the middle of brushing my teeth, I was suddenly assaulted by the opening notes of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”. Then, what’s happened a million and one times, happened again; something in my soul stirred; something in my heart caught fire; something in my mind exploded; something in my body felt unstoppable. Music took me away to that magic place once again. I literally had to stop brushing and just let the experience soak in.
            The loves of my life have seen this happen to me. I shared one ex-girlfriend's writings about it in a post called The Original Mistress Music. Some of my lovers have been able, in those moments, to crawl inside me. And I love it when they do. Because now she’s part of this magnificent experience with me. Now I’m intimately connected to her, sharing one of the most powerful events in my life, with her. I’m no longer alone in those sacred moments. Now it's the three of us. Me. Her. Music. Just like watching a sunset by yourself is beautiful, but watching it with someone you love brings the experience to a whole new level.  
           This connection and sharing is important to me because, the only other thing on earth besides music that does this to me is.......her. The only other thing that can bring me to that place, that can stir my insides so magically and powerfully, that can enchant me so utterly and completely, is her. My woman’s love for me, like mistress music, makes me at once her slave and powerful beyond measure. She does that to me. I want her to know that. I want her to see that. And I want her to love me madly for it......


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