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    The Original Mistress Music

           Recently, I came across something an old girlfriend wrote about me. I’m not going to tell anyone who it was, and I haven’t spoken to her in many moons. Because her anonymity is guaranteed, I’m okay sharing it. And she said if I ever wanted to let people see it, I could, as long as I never, ever, told anyone who wrote it.
           She wrote about me in the third person, because this was a part of her journal, and that’s how she wrote in her journal. I was honored beyond words that she shared this, her most personal of writings, with me. She said it was too good to keep all to herself. My experience is that it's a very flattering observation.
           When I first read it years ago, it almost scared me. She was able to see inside of me so clearly. I felt so exposed and naked. And this was before I was comfortable being that vulnerable. After reading it again now, I am struck by how completely dead on right she is about me. What she said about me then is just as true now. And I realize that her writing was probably the inspiration for my phrase “Mistress Music”, although when I came up with that term, I had totally forgotten about her writing.
           So here it is. A little slice of my reality for all the world to see. By the way, like all my girlfriends, she called me “John”. Not “Clint”.
           “Something happens to John when he hears a song that he really loves. Something that doesn’t happen to anybody else I know. He goes into a trance. Suddenly, nothing else in the universe exists, except him and that song. I’ve seen it happen many times. It doesn’t matter where he is when it happens, either. The other day, I saw it happen at a CVS.
           As his girlfriend, it’s a hot, sexy, beautiful, thing to witness. He is so passionate, so totally into that song. I just watch him and smile.
           I have to admit, though, it’s a little scary sometimes as well. Because he goes away so completely, so quickly. All of a sudden, it’s a s though I don’t exist, as though I never existed at all. He’s so consumed by the music. It’s like he’s suddenly making love to that song, his mistress, right in front of me. What woman wants to see that?
           I don’t stay in that scared place long. 'Cuz I realize that, the way he is with that song he loves, is the way he is with me. It’s how he loves. There are lots of times, for example, when we have sex, where I feel like I am the only thing in his world. In those moments, nothing else exists but me. That makes me feel so special. At those times, I am his everything. I am his song. I am the music that enchants him. And I’ve never known anybody who could do that.”

        Amen. And thanx baby.......

    ©2012 Clint Piatelli, MuscleHeart, and Red F Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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