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    Heart On My Wall

           Light. An amorphous phenomenon.
           We define visible light scientifically as electromagnetic radiation within a specific wavelength. As strangely poetic as that sounds, and despite that visible light largely defines our experience of life itself, that doesn’t begin to tell the whole story. Light is infinitely vaster and more mysterious.
           Some people seem to glow with a light that we don’t see as much as feel. Even when it’s completely dark, light is everywhere around us. Some people are enlightened, which means they have been able to shine light on parts of themselves that were once dark. They are then able to assist others in shining their own light into themselves.
           Light is the basis of color. And color gives life vibrance. Both literally and metaphorically. Color effects brain chemistry. I physically and mentally and emotionally get excited by bright, shiny, sparkly, colorful things. I feel it. I absolutely feel colors. Many of us do. That’s one reason I painted my house purple. And why I like to wear colorful clothing. I feel brighter and more alive when I’m wearing something colorful. Just a personal reality.
           In the fall, the landscape explodes with color as the leaves on the trees change into a firestorm. The sun shifts position in the sky, changing the lighting so that the world actually looks and feels different. In the winter, I mean in a good winter, the landscape once again changes, as snow makes the world look and feel different. In the spring and summer, reality shifts yet again, dominated by the green of trees, the blue of the ocean, and the colorful addition of flowering plants. It’s endless.
           The world, indeed our very visible reality, is the infinite canvas upon which light paints the pictures of our life. Constantly shifting, changing, moving. Even if we are standing still.
           And sometimes, light sends a specific message.
           The other day, light coming through my window, reflecting and bending, through and around who knows what, created a heart on my wall. I was talking to my sister at the time, whom I love very much. In our conversation, we were talking about people we love. Light took notice. And painted it’s picture. Or perhaps, my sister and I co-created, the heart of light with the light from our hearts. Probably both.
           The heart reminded me that light and love are the way. No matter what.

    ©2013 Clint Piatelli, MuscleHeart, and Red F Publishing. All Rights Reserved.    

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