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    KissBitSu ®

            There’s a move I’ve developed that I’d like to share. It can be done by a man or a woman. It may take some time to get the hang of, but I can assure you that neither you nor your partner will mind the practice.
            The move is best performed when the other person doesn’t expect it. It usually works better in the summer than in the colder months. It takes some skill, but nothing that anybody can’t master. The move requires a sensitive feel, a firm but loving touch, a good deal of passion and playfulness, and just a dab of lust.
            I call it the KissBitSu. It’s one part kiss, one part bite, one part suck. It’s all done more or less at once, in a single fluid motion, often repeatedly, on your lover’s neck. And it’s best performed from behind, when they don’t expect it.
            The reason it works better in the summer is because a large part of the neck and shoulder area need to be exposed and available. That happens much less here in New England in winter, at least in public. I forgot to mention that it’s usually more fun when done in public, only because of the element of surprise. But it works just dandy if the two of you are alone and the other is caught off guard.
            Wait for your partner to be alone and appear relaxed. If you’re really ballsy, you can forgo this requirement and do this right in the middle of a conversation they’re having. But the drawback is that they may have to mitigate their response. That’s why I prefer the person to be momentarily alone. They’re not engaged in any activity, except thought, so once you make your move, they’re more likely to give you their full attention. Try it both ways and see what works. Maybe both will work for different reasons.
            Come up behind her (or him) and firmly grasp their exposed shoulders from the side, not the top. As you grab them, squeeze their shoulder blades together gently as you make a rubbing, circular motion with your hands. The grip must be firm, like you’ve caught them in a game of hide and seek, and they feel they couldn’t get away without some effort. But be gentle as well, because this is an act of love. Somewhat aggressive love perhaps, but love nonetheless.
            Once you’ve established this tender but forceful grip, caress, and squeeze, you can go in for the kill. So to speak.
            If you’re a guy, the chances are, you’re taller than your woman. This gives you a nice angle of approach (if you’re a woman, or are shorter than your partner, wear shoes and stand on tip toe to get your mouth at least as high as your partner’s neck). Target the area of her neck where it starts to sweep into her shoulder. For you anatomy buffs, the muscle you’re actually shooting for is the trapezius, or possibly the sternocleidomastodeus. Along those lines, when you grab the shoulders, the muscles you’re going for are the medial deltoids. But let’s not get hung up on technicalities.
            Once you’re targeting system has locked on (and this may take several attempts to hit a bulls-eye), you may commence the KissBitSu. Open your mouth and expose your teeth, kind of like a vampire. Drive your mouth gently but forcefully into the targeted area, allowing your teeth, your lips, and your tongue to all make contact with her skin at the same time. Then softly bite her neck and allow your lips to simultaneously rub against her (Note: This doesn’t work with a dry mouth. Your mouth must be well oiled prior to commencing KissBitSu. Lubricate sufficiently with water - not alcohol, because you want her to smell you, not vodka). At the same time, brush your tongue against her as well, and gently suck that moist patch of skin so that it makes a little noise.
            Getting comfortable with doing all this at once may take some practice. Don’t be disappointed if the first time you do it, it doesn’t quite come off the way you want it to. Practice this move while the two of you are alone. But never let on that you’re practicing this move to one day surprise her in public with it. If you do it enough when you’re alone and you’re paying attention, the first time you surprise her with it in public, you’ll both achieve lift off.
            The KissBitSu is one coherent action that encompasses several motions happening at once, kind of like your mouth multi-tasking. While you’re doing all this, don’t forget to inhale deeply. Get a healthy whiff of her luscious scent. That never fails to amp up the pheromones, the libido, and the overall lust factor. All critical behind the scenes motivators of a proper KissBitSu.
            I recommend you perform this action several times in rapid succession, followed by either whispering something very naughty in her ear or growling (as I describe in the post “Growl”). Don’t overlook the audio element. You’re deliciously close to her ears. Take full advantage of that.
            At the very least, she’ll be pleasantly startled, and maybe eek out a giggle or a little shriek. Always fun to partake in, for both of you, especially in public. But if you get really good at this, you may achieve something even better.
            Not everybody has this, but some of us do. It’s a certain place in the neck area called the “Bulls-eye”. If you hit it directly, and with proper technique, it instantly makes your lover involuntarily weak in the knees, lightheaded, and generally a complete mess (in a good way). You can get her eyes to roll back into her head and her head to tilt back, as though she suddenly has a neck made of rubber. If you know where this spot on her is, you can accomplish this response with a simple but passionate kiss. With the KissBitSu, however, you’re doing something a little different, and often times more effective. Bringing your teeth into the equation and employing a gentle sucking motion makes a big difference, because of the pressure you can apply. You simply can’t get that kind of action with a kiss. Sometimes the extra pressure and unique sensation of the KissBitSu is just what you need to put her right over the edge.
            But again, everyone is different. Experiment. Use this procedure as a guideline or a template. Come up with your own move, your own sequence, your own name. Then tell me about it. I love to learn.

    ©2009 Clint Piatelli. All Rights (and a deliciously exposed neck full of Wrongs) Reserved.

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