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            One of the things I love to do when I’m with a woman is growl. Like an animal. What you do is suck air in through your nose, kind of like you’re snoring while awake, and let the incoming air reverberate against the back roof of your mouth. Then you manipulate the noise with your mouth, changing the pitch so that it sounds like a growl. That’s the best I can do in describing the process. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid, although back then, it’s application was in an entirely different context. I learned to do it as a way to imitate imaginary dinosaurs or tigers when I played. Girls were still the enemy then, and I never dreamed that one day I’d use the sound as a sort of mating call.
            Actually, there’s a specific application of the growl that’s most effective. I’ve always found a woman’s neck to be a beautiful, smooth, soft, sweet smelling landscape upon which to orally explore. Lots of guys dig a girl’s neck. And most woman I know love it when a man pays attention to it. Maybe because it’s so close to the mouth but yet is an entirely different erotic canvas. There are lots of nerve endings in the area, just below the ears, under the chin, and all along it’s sinewy curves. And since it’s right near the ears, a woman can hear your heavy breathing and the sounds your mouth makes when you’re going to town there. The audible dimension of eroticism is sometimes overlooked, but it’s a gorgeous and powerful stimulus that can have a huge impact on the quality of a sexual relationship.
            Lots of guys love kissing a woman’s neck. Very softly. Or more aggressively, breaking out the turbo tongue. I like to bite it, gently but with a little force, like a benign vampire, then nibble. Licking is always fun, like a yummy flesh lollipop. And I’m constantly inhaling as much of her scent as I can during all of this, because smell is very evocative. And there are few, if any, places on a woman’s body that carry as much of her natural scent as her neck. And I don’t even have to mention how much most men love the smell of a woman’s hair. Plenty of those sexy fumes are dancing around her neck as well. It’s a schmorgasborg.
            Once you’ve perfected the growl, the best place to use it is on a woman’s neck. What you do is stick your whole face right into a soft fleshy area; your open mouth gently but firmly engulfing a patch of skin, your nose resting there as well. Then growl. The act of placing your mouth against all that soft skin lowers the fundamental pitch, making it sound even more like a growl; more bassy, more animalistic, more playfully sinister. And you’re doing it right under her ear, so she can hear this loud and clear. In fact, that could be all she can hear, which is even better.
            The vibrations caused by the growling reverberate against her skin, creating a sensual rapid fire caress. And it lightly tickles her. Nine times out of ten, she’ll start to laugh. But not the type of laugh that says “What the hell are you doing buddy?”, but the kind of laugh that says “This feels really good, it tickles, it’s fun, it’s different, it’s passionate and wild, it’s turning me on”.
            The growl is playful and passionate. It’s fun and sexy. It’s primitive, reminding our modern DNA’s that we were once much more animalistic. It evokes a primal lust that’s completely non-threatening, and completely natural. Remember the old Esso (now called Exxon) ad that said “Put a tiger in your tank”? Well I say “Put A Tiger In Her Neck”. Wearing loin clothes and animal pelts is optional.

    ©2009 Clint Piatelli. All Rights (and a Serengeti plain of Wrongs) Reserved.

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