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    Poems From A Friend

            A friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been following this blog for months. When she told me that she wrote poetry, I asked her to submit a few of her favorites so that I could publish them here. At first resistant to the idea, she found the courage to share them with me. I am honored to earn her trust. And I am a better man for knowing her and reading her work. Now, because she found it in her to share so much of herself, we can all share in this gift. Thank you.


    Sharing feelings, thoughts and desires
    Secrets said out loud, I hear a quiet noise
    It is the sound of serenity
    A feeling of peace within
    Upon arrival back to reality, I look up
    The sky is sparkling “just for me” I think
    Millions of diamonds against the black eternity
    I am finding my strength within
    Being led by a power greater than me


    I walk along the angry shore
    I hear the thunder of the waves
    The sky is white as snow. The ocean a deep dark blue
    I feel alone, empty, sad. The feeling of despair devours me
    I voice is faint. I am here. I am her within you.
    Don’t be afraid my child. Walk towards me.
    Slowly my pace begins to change
    A peace surrounds my body. My spirit has been lifted.
    There is a quiet calmness that begins to soothe me soul
    He is there. He is real. He holds my hands. He fills me.
    I close my eyes. I pray for strength. Quiet and still.
    Be still my child. I will do for you what you cannot do.
    I let Him
    As I open my eyes, there are tears on my face
    I cannot see Him any longer.
    My heart beats stronger. I put my hand on my heart.
    He is in my heart
    I am loved and I will not feel alone ever again

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