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    For The Love of Titans

            One of life’s most beautiful events is experiencing a true connection with another person. It sometimes lasts for only a few seconds, but the length of time is irrelevant. Because in those few seconds, magic is created, and love becomes embedded into your being. And it stays there with you for the rest of your life. You may “forget” it, or more accurately, your brain may not consciously remember it, but your unconscious mind does. Your being does. Your heart and your soul never forget it. Experience enough of these episodes and your heart becomes full. Your soul experiences bliss, and relishes it’s time here on earth.
             It can happen anytime or anywhere. In that moment, time stands still and the rest of existence fades into the background, because the only singular thing that matters in that moment is the sacred connection between two souls. I believe that we all have souls. And I believe that the soul’s purpose is to heal. And to love. Which are really one in the same.
             I am, for the first time in my life, looking forward to stringing thousands of those moments together into a relationship with one woman. I am not afraid of that connection anymore. I know that a connection like that will help heal us both. And I’m ready for that.
             There is a scene in the movie Remember The Titans that moves me every time I see it. It’s when Gerry (a white All-American linebacker) and Julius (an equally talented black linebacker) first connect on the field. Julius makes a good stick, Gerry makes note of the tackle, and Julius tenatively responds. Then Gerry takes the initiative and yells “This is left side!” and jams Julius in the shoulder pads. Julius is taken aback by this sudden act of camaraderie and looks slightly dumbfounded. Gerry looks at him and nods as if to say, “C’mon man! Gimmie something back!”. Julius finally responds mirroring Gerry’s shoulder pad smash and yells “Strong side!”. They then go back and forth like that a few more times, steadily amping up the intensity, while the entire team watches on.
             The team, and the film’s audience, know what is happening. For the first time, the two are truly connecting. They are displaying that connection, and in so doing they are risking themselves, in front of the entire team. You can see the two literally falling in love with one another right there. It’s one of filmdom’s truly mesmerizing moments.
             When I watch that scene, I can’t help but be moved, because I see a supremely beautiful and sacred event taking place. Two estranged people, two estranged souls, coming together for the first time. Creating something real right in front of me. Creating pure magic right in front of my eyes. In that one moment, all their history and all their differences disappear. In that moment, all the shit that came before them becomes irrelevant. All the pain and hatred and misunderstanding between them evaporates. All that exists between them, for the first time, is love. Man that’s fuckin’ beautiful.
             And that is what I want. I want it with one other woman. I want it with other people in my life who I love. I want it as often as I can stand it. And now that I know that I want it, I ask for it. I’m beginning to attract it to me like never before. And I’m damn excited about that...

    ©2009 Clint Piatelli. All Rights (and a Titanic Number of Wrongs) Reserved.

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