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    A Love Letter to YOU

    Hey You! That's right, YOU! If you are reading this, it means that You Matter to me. It means that you are something Special to me. If you are reading this, it means that You are a Unique, Unrepeatable, and positively Vital thread in tapestry of my life. If you are reading this, it means that You bring something Special to my life. It means that You, in all your Unique You-Ness give something All Your Own, something that Only You Can Bring, something Grand and Sacred, Something that is All Yours. And I just wanna say Thank You. Because without You, my life would be unequivocally incomplete.

    The most sacred gift I can give you is the gift of my truest self at the fullest throttle I can muster. But, like all gifts, the full value of that gift manifests itself only when it is fully received. What that really means is that, whatever I have to give, whatever I have to bring, doesn't amount to much without You. Because Your Life is what I want to impact. Your Life is what I want to make a difference in. Whatever I bring, I would bring no matter what; I would bring it if I were the only person on earth. Because what I am and who I am is its own precious statement. But my full statement of self can only serve Life so much. 

    The reflection of self in a vacuum has a ceiling. It has a floor, and it has walls. It is limited. The reflection of self in the love of those around you, however, is limitless. Infinite. The reflection of self in the love of those who love you back is infinitely more beautiful, breathtakingly more expansive, and positively sacred. If you strive to know your deepest self, and to express your truest self, then you create a field that fully invites those around you to love you more fully, more completely, more authentically, and more deeply, than you are even conscious of. You invite people to love you with a sacred conviction and a vulnerable human urgency that straddles the divine.

    I guess that is what I've been doing my whole life. Or at least my whole conscious life. When I lay it out there, it is an invitation. It is a welcoming. It is an inspired act of drawing in love, by exposing myself more completely, from the deepest places, in an effort to connect to people on a real level. 

    C'mon in. The water is beautiful. And so are you.


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