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    Trumpaholics© Annonymous

    TRUMPAHOLIC ©. Yes, I have coined a new word. A "Trumpaholic" is anyone in complete denial of Who, and What, Donald Trump, really is.
    I now offer you The Twelve Steps of TRUMPAHOLICS ANONYMOUS:
    1) Admitted we are powerless over the lure of Donald Trump, and that our reasoning and ability to discern fact from reality television had become completely distorted.
    2) Came to believe that any organism with a pulse on this great earth would make a better President than Donald Trump. 
    3) Made a decision to open up to the possibility that we have been conned and bamboozled by an Egomaniacal Master Manipulator.
    4) Made a searching and fearless moral (and rational) inventory of what The Donald has actually said; what The Donald actually believes; and what The Donald has actually done.
    5) Admitted to our God, to ourselves, and to another human being that, yeah, we fucked up whe jumped onboard The Trump Train(wreck). 
    6) Were entirely ready to stop supporting That Chump, Trump. 
    7) Humbly asked our loved ones to help us move on from this sordid chapter of American politics, and from our momentary lapse of reason.
    8) Made a list of all the people Trump has screwed over, deceived, bought off, trampled, lied to, conned, threatened, bullied, seduced, or manipulated to get what he wanted. (Editor's Note: buy an extra ream of paper for's gonna be a long list).
    9) Demand that The Donald make direct amends to all the businesses, all the people, that he screwed over by filing Chapter 11 six separate times. Moreover, how about making direct amends to the residents of Atlantic City, New Jersey? (They had enough hardship before Trump shoved it up their ass). We acknowledge that, Yes, The Donald was legally within the limits of the tax codes and of the law. Morally, and ethically, however, his actions were highly questionable. But, then again.....who cares about morals or ethics when it comes to business? Or The Presidency of The United States?
    10) We forsake the path of The Donald, who (admittedly) never takes personal inventory, and never admits any wrongdoing. We realize that justifying, rationalizing, blaming others, re-writing history, selling his paranoia about "The System" being rigged against him (a billionaire who has been using the same "System" for decades to attain massive wealth), and manipulating facts to support his agenda is no way to run a country. Son.
    11) We recognize that the skills or circumstances that make one a billionaire are not necessarily the transferable skills needed to lead the free world. 
    12) Having never allowed any external stimuli (like, say, new information, evidence, facts, or meaningful human contact) to influence his thinking or his actions, The Donald always says "Fuck You, I'm gonna do whatever I want". This is great attitude for a rock star, which is what Trump really fancies himself as, but it's a horrible approach as President of The United States (duh). If The Donald carries his message to Americans everywhere and gets elected, he becomes the most disastrous leadership decision since Adolph Hitler and Joe Stalin.
    13) Yes, the Unofficial "Thirteenth Step". For Trumpaholics, that's accepting the positively irrefutable and massively abundant evidence that The Donald has no respect for women; in fact, Donald Trump has no respect for anybody, because, according to Donald Trump, Quote: “you can’t respect people because most people aren’t worthy of respect.” That's the man you want representing The United States to The Rest of The World?
    - Clint Piatelli, November, 2016

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