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    Feels Like The First Time

           I still get excited when it snows. And I still get really excited when it snows a lot. In some ways, whenever it snows, it feels like the first time.
           The most snow I’ve ever experienced happened just last week, in Breckenridge, Colorado. When I got there, they had several feet of coverage all over the place. Plus, they had just received eight fresh inches the night before. It already looked like a winter wonderland. But less than thirty six hours after I arrived, it started snowing again. And it didn’t stop for over forty eight hours. In that time period, we got about three feet.
           To say I was thrilled would be an understatement.
           Snow is still beautiful to me. Still magic. It changes everything. How life looks. How life sounds. How life feels. That to me, is magic.
           Bringing that sense of awe and wonder to much of life is one of the core philosophies of this blog. It’s very child like. Kids bring that kind of energy to lots of things to, but as adults, we tend to lose it. We also lose some of our curiosity, which goes hand in hand with awe, wonder, and excitement.
           As I explore my ability to maintain that energy, and to continually bring it to my life, I will also explore how I can assist others in getting it back and applying it to their lives. Those discoveries will form some of the pieces of my book that I’m writing, out here in Colorado, amidst the snow.

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