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    Full And Broken

    What does it mean?
    To have an Open Heart

    To me it means
    To be Full and Broken

    For the heart that is truly open
    Is vast enough to be filled
    Is strong enough to be broken

    A dozen times a day


    By the hungry Chinese woman
    Who begs for food by pointing to her mouth
    Because she knows no english

    By the story of a whale
    Who, like so many people
    Constantly moans
    And feels completely alone
    She is not heard
    By a single soul
    On this gigantic planet

    By the tears of a mother
    Who wants nothing more
    Than to hear
    What a wonderful mother she is
    From one who will not give her such praise


    By the stranger who feeds the Chinese woman
    By the souls who hear the whale
    By the someone who acknowledges the mother

    By the smile from a child
    The colors of the trees
    My own laughter

    My heart gets broken
    Every day
    My Heart gets filled
    Every day

    The label is irrelevant

    What matters

    Is that I feel it all
    Because only then do I know
    That My Heart
    Is Truly Open

    - Clint Piatelli


    ©2013 Clint Piatelli, MuscleHeart, and Red F Publishing. All rights reserved.

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