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    Two Sides of Countless Facets

    Individual songs are like individual facets on a gem of countless sides. Each important piece of music in my life represents a different angle from which life is lived; a different vista through which I experience the world; a different shade of a particular emotional color. 

    That’s one of the magical properties of art; it’s ability to transcend the everyday and catapult us into the sacred. Music can be a religious experience for me. I’m not alone in that. Music is the great connector. Across all races, creeds, people.

    Presented here are two songs, in video form because they are easier to access on a website than audio files. They each represent a different piece of me. I feel differently when I listen to each, just as Sunday feels different than Saturday, and Christmas feels different than Thanksgiving.


    “Hauntingly Beautiful” is how I would describe Nothing Left To Lose. A beckoning love song that brings up pain within that I have yet to completely let go of, and memories of people I love who are gone. I connect to my own experience of wanting so badly to try again, with gorgeous reckless abandon, with someone I loved with every cell in my body. The melody and the words are captivating enough, but, like all great music, the whole is infinitely and mysteriously greater than the mere sum of the parts. 


    The last two minutes of the nine minute opus Lateralus by Tool can be experienced as a separate song in it’s own right. Powerful Beyond Measure is how I feel this one. This is a groove so intense that I feel it literally move the blood inside of me. This is primal. This is wild. This is sexy. And Watching Danny Carey drum this is like watching Music Pornography With A Happy Ending.    

    I am the passionate, deep feeling, tender soul. And I am the powerful wild animal. Somewhere in you, there are your own unique versions of both as well. Find them. Get to know them. They need to come out. 

    Maybe music can help you do that. It certainly helps me.

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