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    When we move people, with our words, with our actions, with the sharing of who and what we are, we create connections. Through these connections, we create possibilities. These possibilities include inspiration, joy, love, and countless others. When I discover that I have moved, connected to, and inspired others, it fills me with a specific life energy that I can't get anywhere else, through any other means. Like music, it gives to me all it has, while I give to it all I have. It is symbiotic. It is interdependent. It is life......

    Christina Luconi is a Guest Blogger on my site. Her writing is honest, succinct, and poignant. Click on the orange text below to go to her blog on tumblr.


    Day 24 of The 365 Day Experiment. In*spi*ra*tion


    noun \ˌin(t)-spə-ˈrā-shən, -(ˌ)spi-\

    I’ve been thinking about inspiration all afternoon. It started as I was sitting in a doctor’s waiting room scrolling through random pictures in my phone, and came across a picture of Steve Jobs, circa early 80’s. I have no idea why this picture is among the ridiculous other thousands that occupy space, but it’s the one that make me stop and pause. And as I sat there and looked at the picture, and reflected on the piece I wrote about Bob Geldof the other day, I thought, this man too, truly inspired me.

    And as often happens to me, one random thought quickly led to another, like a visual mind map of six degrees of Christina’s insane mind. I was still on this mental track when I was driving home an hour later, and was conversing with someone who I realize had also inspired me. Which then got me thinking…what does it actually take to inspire ME?

    For one, you need to think different. There are lots of really smart people in the world, and I truly respect them. But I really have great admiration for those who are able to truly see the world through a different lens than others do. Steve Jobs clearly did this. But so do many children. My kids look at the world in a completely unique way from how adults do. They know no constraints or boundaries. They have creative freedom to build their own ideas and perspectives, without the constant reality (yet) of too many people saying, “No, that’s not right” or “That’s a stupid thing to think.” I love going to look at art with my kids, see a movie or even just people watch. Often they see things differently than I do, and I find that always broadens my own thinking. They inspire me.

    Secondly, you need to be able to connect me to that different way of thinking or feeling. Richard Branson resonates with me not just because of his “screw it, just do it” attitude. It’s because he believes he can compete with much bigger brands by doing it better. I fly Virgin America every time I fly to LA because I just think it’s far superior tangible service - and it’s different. It’s a little more fun. I actually look forward to getting on the plane because the flight attendants are funny. It’s not just branding. You are buying a piece of Richard Branson when you buy one of his flights. He first hooked me with his different way of thinking, then he connected to me to his brand and how it suits my needs better.

    I have become close as of late to a writer who lives his life “out loud.” Essentially, the polar opposite of how I have chosen to live mine. And yet, during the brief period of time that I have known him, he has done more to inspire me than any other “real person” I know in the past year or so. He was able to do that through the sheer honesty and sincerity of how he shares his story and work. His way of thinking was initially so out there for me, that at first I found it fascinating like one would explore an accident on a highway. And yet, the more open minded I was, and the more I listened, the more I was inspired by his words and actions. We connected.

    Finally, you need to inspire me to take action.

    Ultimately, “the writer” is the one who got me to start this 365 Day Experiment and open myself up - without even knowing he had done so. With his different way of thinking and connecting me to it on a gut level, he inspired me to look deeper within myself and do something radically outside of my comfort zone. And that’s saying something.

    Bob Geldof got me to introduce charity work into my life and consider others less fortunate than I as those I need to be actively aiding as part of my time here on Earth.

    Both my Executive Team peers and my People Strategy team at work inspire me with their insane work ethics and “we will always achieve the goal” attitudes so much that I want to push myself harder every day to be worthy of working among them.

    And the chinese characters that I wear on my left ankle - the ones that read “danger and opportunity” to symbolize the word “crisis,” are my constant inspiration of always looking at the opportunity with every open door I face; to never fear a situation but rather to look it face on and own it. That inspiration, and simple perspective twist, has served me well for the better part of 20 years. I am fearless.

    Inspiration is all around us. Who or what inspires you?

    Reader Comments (2)

    Loved what you wrote, you are so right about sharing moments with Children, yes they may look at things different, and i want to hear what they have to say. i have learned a lot from my Children and Grandchildren. I am inspired every day by life its self. Keep writing Clint, you have a gift.

    May 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterB

    Thanx B! The piece was actually written by Christina Luconi. I just featured it here. Thank you for reading. Always great to hear from you.

    May 23, 2013 | Registered CommenterClint Piatelli

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