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    The Face

           Remember old clothes catalogues? The models were in horribly contrived poses, with very forced, very inane looking smiles on their faces, usually accompanied by an equally stupid expression of positively boundless joy. All from doing absolutely nothing except wearing the right shirt whilst they operated the new blender.
           When we were kids, my twin brother and I, being very astute, creative, and silly, picked up on this as we perused through mom’s mail. We started mimicking the ridiculousness and came up with what we call “The Face”.
           The Face actually comprises not only the face, but the pose, attitude, and overall absurdity of what we saw in those catalogues. We still do it today, needing no other provocation than one of us saying “The Face”!
           Those moments, then and now, are some of the most cherished moments I have with Mike. We are intimately sharing a common experience. We are in each other’s heads, in each other’s hearts, in those moments. We are truly connected. And we are having so much fun, both playing in the waters of our own silly yet beautiful little world.
           My life wants to be one long string of such intimate, connected, special moments with people I love. Thank you Mike, for creating the model with me.

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