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    Inside Song

           April is National Poetry Month. How about that? To honor that, I’ll be posting some unpublished poems that I've written over the last year.
           Virtually every poem I’ve ever penned is either about a woman I love, or about powerful feelings and forces happening inside of me that desperately need to be expressed. Poetry is ultimately a catharsis. Because to be moved to write a poem, something big has to be happening inside. The feelings literally create great internal pressure, and the release of that pressure must be swift and explosive. If writing short pieces, like this one for example, is analogous to a sprinkler watering my lawn, poetry is a fire hose aimed at my house that’s ablaze.



    Make your heart
    A room for me
    Where I can come and sing
    A love song to you
    My precious one
    That will forever ring

    Within your heart
    My song for you
    Resonates throughout your soul
    A stirring melody
    Of Passion and of Fire
    And of adventures to unfold

    You’ll hear it now
    You’ll it it then
    No matter where you are
    My love for you
    You’ll always feel
    Whether I’m near or far

    And when you know that song so well
    You hear it in your sleep
    I will enter you
    and sing another one
    and Deep

    And over the years
    Within your heart you’ll have
    A thousand songs or more
    Of my love for you
    My precious one
    My music to you


                    Clint Piatelli


    ©2013 Clint Piatelli, MuscleHeart, and Red F Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


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