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    Snow Magic

           On the eve of a potential Nor’Easter here in Boston, my heart races, my dopamine kicks into overdrive, my anticipation revs to that of a pimply high school freshman about to get his first real kiss, and my excitement builds like a kid before Christmas. Most people are in dread. I’m in heaven.
           It’s always been that way. But what good is paradise with no one to share it with? It’s okay, and I’ll gladly take it. But the experience is so much fuller and richer when shared. Which is why I get out there when there’s a snowstorm, whether I’m alone or accompanied by a partner in crime. Because I want to share this experience with others. I have all this joy and energy and passion, and I want to spread it, share it, let others in on it. Some want it. Some don’t.
           I encourage you to see a snowstorm as more than just a giant pain in the ass. I understand that sentiment, and acknowledge the reality of it. But a snowstorm is so much bigger than just that. It’s a marvel of nature, a powerful and awesome spectacle of the natural world. Like a temporary Grand Canyon, a snowstorm is larger than life, spectacularly beautiful, and stirs primal forces within us that respond to the magnificence of the world we live in.
           Snow is a like a drug; it changes how the world looks, how the world smells, how the world sounds, how the world feels. It changes how we feel and what we do. It alters our external reality. And it alters our internal reality. Powerful shit, man.
           As a kid, we loved the snow, It was magic. Still is. But you have to connect to that little kid still inside you. And that kid is in your heart. Your head hates the snow because of all the extra work and toil it creates. But I offer you that your heart loves the snow, for all the reasons I’ve mentioned, and more.
           Connect to your heart, and you connect to all that joy and magic that adulthood has robbed from you. Tap into your heart, into that joyous, child like energy, and maybe, even just for a little while, you will actually enjoy a snowstorm. And observe the power of connecting to, and coming from, your heart.

    ©2013 Clint Piatelli, MuscleHeart, and Red F Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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