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    Album Cover


           Snapping this picture of figures silhouetted against the glorious blaze of a captivating sunset, I thought, “Here are five people, with who knows what in common, all brought to a standstill because of what’s happening in the sky. I wonder what their stories are? Why are they at the reservoir just now? Were they our for a run or a walk, and happen to catch this incredible display of Mother Nature? Or, like me, did they feel something special happening outside and run towards the light? The guy in the middle has a briefcase. Is he coming from work,? Maybe he’s going to Boston College (which is on the other side of the reservoir) for a night class. Is he from out of town or a local?”
           When images strike me, as this one did, it ignites not only my right brain, but my left brain as well. Neurons start firing all over the place, as new neural connections are created. My artistic hemisphere lights up because images like this strike a chord in my heart. And my rational side fires up as well. I form questions about the people in the picture, or analyze why the sky looks the way it does.
           Looking at it now, I think it would make a killer album or CD cover. I imagine that this is a band made up of three women and two guys. And the dude isn't holding a briefcase, but his instrument, maybe a trumpet in its case. Tell me. What thoughts, feelings, or stories does this image conjure up for you?

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