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    Light Up The Sky

           Before glancing out my window the other evening, I could feel it. It was happening inside my own four walls. My space felt different. And looked different. I looked around my living room, as if asking “What’s going on in here?”.
           It was in fact a simple matter of lighting. But I hadn’t turned any lights on or off. I had’t drawn any shades. I hadn’t done anything at all. And yet, everything was suddenly different.
           The inner space of my condo looked and felt unlike it ever had before. And I wanted to know what was going on. I wanted to know why.
           After quickly discerning that this change wasn’t coming from the inside, I turned my attention outside and looked out my window. Lo and behold, outside looked and felt different too. There was a strange, almost eerie, yet beautiful glow, coming from out there. That’s when I got really curious, grabbed my camera, and headed out the door.
           Now I was inside the difference. I got inside of it from going outside. I looked up at the sky and then towards the horizon. “Of course”, I thought. Nature’s Light Show was doing something special yet again. And when that happens, well, everything feels different.
           After snapping a bunch of pictures, I began philosophizing. Which I often do after being powerfully impacted by the force of my surroundings. I reflected on my own sensitivity to my environment, and how that sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse. How that sensitivity, as an artist, gives me so much to work with. And how I can better manage that sensitivity without hamstringing its potency.    

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