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    Crayon Box

    I’m The Crayon Box
    With All The Colors
    Even the ones you’ve never heard of
    Even the ones you’ve never seen
    Even the ones you may not understand

    Atomic Tangerine
    Outrageous Orange
    Radical Red
    Electric Lime
    Neon Carrot
    Blizzard Blue
    Purple Heart
    Screamin’ Green
    Shocking Pink
    Hot Magenta
    Unmellow Yellow
    Lemon Glacier
    Vivid Violet
    Wild Watermelon
    Polished Pine
    Lilac Luster
    Quick Silver
    Cosmic Cobalt
    Mystic Maroon
    Wintergreen Dream
    Twilight Lavender
    Cinnamon Satin
    Steel Teal
    Granite Gray
    Bittersweet Shimmer
    Illuminating Emerald
    Metallic Sunburst
    Winter Sky
    Absolute Zero
    Blast Off Bronze
    Deep Space Sparkle
    Sonic Silver

    Color your life

                    - Clint Piatelli

    ©2013 Clint Piatelli, MuscleHeart, and Red F Publishing. All rights reserved.
    Color Names appear courtesy of Crayola LLC

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