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    Clinterview: Man Vs. Emotion (part 1)

            A few years ago, a woman named Ginny Judge Horan, an Associate Professor of Communications at Suffolk Community College in New York, interviewed me, and videotaped the interview. She used the video as a tool in the class she taught titled Interpersonal Communications.
           The interview was designed to help students understand the dynamics of emotions in men. It also raised awareness on how men are conditioned to shut down their feelings, starting in boyhood, and continuing throughout adulthood.
           From the feedback Ginny and I received, the video had an impact on her students. They said they were now more educated about how men deal, or don’t deal, with how they feel. Some of them reported applying that education to their relationships, and how that assisted in communication and understanding between themselves and their partner. We were both thrilled that our efforts made a difference to people. Ginny has since shown the video to many of her classes.
           I’m presenting the interview in short three minute clips over the next few weeks. Please stay tuned.

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