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    I’m out here on a limb
    I’ve never been out this far before
    I’ve chosen to live out here
    Because I know
    For me to live any other way
    Really isn’t living

    Sometimes it feels lonely out here
    But it’s the most beautiful
    The most exciting
    The juiciest place ever

    I look back
    And see where I used to be
    It was so safe there
    But I never felt safe
    It can be so scary out here
    But I feel safer out here
    Than I ever did back there

    I had a plan
    First I would grow
    Then after I had grown
    I would live out here on a limb

    But that’s not how it works

    Life was happening
    And some of it was passing me by
    So I made myself start moving out on a limb
    And I started growing the moment I started climbing out here

    I had it backwards

    I don’t grow so that I can live life out on a limb
    I live life out on a limb so I can grow

    And that has been the most wondrous discovery of my life
    It’s given me the courage to stay out here
    And live my entire life from a different place
    Live My Life Out On A Limb

                                                 - Clint Piatelli


    ©2012 Clint Piatelli & Red F Publishing. All Rights Reserved

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