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    Lick It. Bite It. Suck it. (part 1)

            The Gypsy Bar, at The Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, is by all accounts a happenin’ place. About one hundred feet long by about sixty feet wide, with very high ceilings, hardwood floor, dark, heavy wood moulding, and plenty of large windows that look out onto the rest of the casino, the place has a laid back but chic atmosphere. The room holds no more than a couple of hundred people, and the overall effect is intimate but exciting. It’s casual hip that rocks, with great live bands that play as loud as possible without causing nerve damage. The bar tenders tend to be women, tend to be very attractive, and tend to wear tight black T-shirts that say “Lick It. Bite It. Suck It”. I therefore tend to go there whenever I’m in town.
            Last Thursday night, I was at The Gypsy Bar with a healthy contingency of my Villanova Men’s Tribe. We were in Atlantic City for a weekend of golf and overall general mayhem. The band that night was called Liquid A, which I found an appropriate name for their brand of entertaining, aggressive, rock covers. I was sitting at a table with three of my buddies when a group of four or five very attractive women started dancing with each other, not far from us.
            I love the fact that women can dance with each other and it’s totally accepted in our society. In fact, it’s damn fabulous. Truth be told, I’m envious. If guys do that, they’re labeled gay, even if they’re wearing “Official World Testosterone Level Champion” patches on their shirts. We just can’t get away with it the way women can. To be honest, I don’t want to dance with other guys, but that isn’t the point. We don’t really have the option the way ladies do, and that’s too bad. It reminds me that there is plenty of sexism out there, and it’s not all tilted in favor of men.
            That night, there was a conflict in me, and I suddenly became very aware of it watching these women dance. A part of me wanted to join these beautiful ladies on the dance floor, and another part of me became very self conscious about doing so. This internal clash took me out of the present and into a private little war that was happening within the confines of my being.

    Please join me tomorrow for part two. I know this post comes off as a bit of a teaser, but honestly, the rest of the piece just isn’t there yet. I wanted to get this ball rolling though, because it’s a big one.

    ©2009 Clint Piatelli. All Rights (and a casino bar full of Wrongs) Reserved.

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      Lick It. Bite It. Suck it. (part 1) - Blog - What's Inside Me - MuscleHeart
    • Response
      Lick It. Bite It. Suck it. (part 1) - Blog - MuscleHeart

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