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    Walls & Windows


    Will never know what is in my heart

    I give them a window to my soul
    But they choose to try and look through walls

    Walls that I help build
    But no longer do

    I constructed a window
    Through which I wanted them to see me
    And I asked them to look through

    Those who look through the window
    See my true self
    In all it’s splendid humanness
    In all it’s glory
    In all it’s light and love
    In all it’s pain
    In all it’s flawed openness
    In all it’s naked truth

    Those who see through the window
    And into my soul
    Are the people who know me
    Are the people who love me
    Are the people who know I’m not perfect
    But don’t expect me to be

    Some choose not to look through that window
    And instead choose to look at the walls
    The walls we both built
    The walls that I have removed
    But they have not

    If they look at the walls and not through the window
    They will not see me
    They will see something different
    They will see what they themselves have written on those walls
    They will see the images that they themselves have created
    Because walls don’t stay bare for long

    They take what’s inside of them and project it onto those bare walls
    So that they have something to look at
    Never realizing that those projections
    Are theirs

    They think they’re looking at me
    But all they’re really seeing
    Are themselves
    All they’re actually looking at
    Are they’re own faults
    And flaws
    And fears
    That they can not own
    That they can not take responsibility for

    Because if they did
    They would have to acknowledge that
    It’s not me they’re seeing
    And judging
    And criticizing
    And hating
    And hurting

    It’s themselves

    It’s not my walls they see anymore
    It’s their own

    ©2009 Clint Piatelli. All Rights, Walls, Windows, and Wrongs Reserved.


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