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            This morning I received a most precious gift from a friend. She wrote a poem. About me. I am moved beyond words.
             And I’m speechless....
             Luckily for the sake of this blog, I don’t stay speechless for long. But there is nothing I could possibly add to what she wrote except to say thank you from the deepest depths of my heart. This is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received.
             A few weeks ago, I encouraged people to write a poem to someone they loved for valentine’s day. Little did I know that I would soon be the recipient of such a priceless gem. From this new, unexpected perspective I can therefore say, without equivocation, that it works. Writing a poem to someone you care about is a most sacred event. For both people.
             Open your hearts to those around you. And love them...

    Ode to a Sequoia

    Beautiful man
    Exuding energy and joy
    A unique gravitational pull
    Engaging the world
    Inviting us inside his heart
    His battered heart he seeks to heal
    His scarred soul he seeks the courage to accept
    Wanting to love and be loved
    Afraid to bleed again
    yet drawn to the blade.

    Not living in the pain
    It’s easy for me to see the power and strength
    He somehow fails to embrace
    He’s got the words
    He’s got the skills,
    I’m watching him struggle and grow
    A mighty tree cracking through stone and pain as old as he is
    A bedrock of pain that will not be denied,
    But has supported the man he has become,
    And will always be the foundation of the man he is becoming.

    Blessed am I to watch his unique tree grow and spread its branches.
    It affords me a spectacular new perspective from its upper limbs
    balancing precariously on the newest growth.
    His solid trunk provides a safe place to rest when looking out at his domain.
    I can lean there, mulling his ideas and growing with him
    I hear his music as the wind passes by and through him.

    A new sort of tree he is-
    His own sort of foliage, proudly, defiantly, standing out in the forest
    It’s a beautiful sight as he pushes up to the light
    I want to water and tend him,
    Help him repel the painful saw
    Clear the debris around him and give him space to expand

    With time and love this tree will flower and bear delicious fruit
    Standing tall in a space all its own.
    A testament to the paradox of vulnerability and strength.
    When embracing love and pain morphs into power and grace

    AES 2/2009

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