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    Love. Laugh. Live.

    Note: This qualifies as a very short post and as a photo of the moment, so I’m double dipping here. Because I can. Peace.

             In March of 2006, my good friend Jason took another close buddy and I up in his plane. We flew to Nantucket, had dinner, and flew home. It was a fantastic trip. It would have been a fantastic trip even if we had just sat in a car for five hours and gone nowhere. We enjoy each other’s company so much that it wouldn’t have mattered what we did. Taking a jaunt in a plane to an island, however, certainly made the evening special.
             All three of us have the gift of gab, and I don’t think there was more than three seconds of dead air the entire time we were together. Think of three rapid fire machine guns all shooting one after the other for an entire evening.
             The amazing thing was, while one gun was firing, the other two weren’t reloading. They were listening. So what you got was a fluid hyper-kinetic three way dialogue. Like musician’s jamming, this only happens if everyone is paying attention to each other. “Speaking” as much as they’re “listening”. Giving as much as they’re taking. I remember laughing so much that night that my face hurt.
             One of us took this photograph over Martha’s Vineyard. It visualizes the joy, beauty, fun, and wonder of that night. It captures a brief moment in a short life, yet speaks to me of ageless wisdom: Love. Laugh. Live.

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