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    A Letter To My Dad...

    I came across this letter that I wrote to my dad in April of 2004. He had just suffered a bout of ill health due to his diabetes. The anniversary of his death is approaching, and he's been on my mind quite a bit.


           I wanted to drop you a quick line because I really enjoy writing to you. You like to write letters too, and receiving one is always good reason to break out a pen and paper.
           I am very aware that I have been afforded a lifestyle and a freedom of choice that most people on the planet would envy. Some of that is because of who I am, but most of it is because you have been very successful and very generous to me (and in fact, very generous to all of your children). I try not to take that for granted. More accurately, I try to be grateful for that, each and every day. I do this by getting on my knees and thanking my higher power. I do it by attempting to be a generous person myself. I do it by respecting and loving my parents, who have given me so much. I do it by trying to live my life in a manner that is consistent with my values of truth, integrity, honesty, compassion, and love.
           If in your eyes I fail, at any time, to appear grateful, then I apologize. 
           You appear to have come face to face with your own mortality. For a man who has enjoyed such exceptional health and prosperity throughout most his life, this must be very difficult. I want the rest of your life to be full of joy and love and happiness. I know that I have no control over that, but I can pray for it. And I can treat you in a way that reflects that. I hope I do that dad. In any one moment, when emotions can run high, maybe you don’t always think I do. But in your private moments, when you have the time and the space and the luxury of personal reflection, I hope that you will know, without any doubt, how much I love you, how grateful I am for the life I have been blessed with, and how fortunate I feel to be your son. I love you dad.

    Your loving son,


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    Reader Comments (2)

    Dad always love his children for no reason!

    February 9, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermp3leben

    I know I gave my dad plenty of reasons for him to love me. As he did for me.


    March 5, 2009 | Registered CommenterClint Piatelli

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