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    I Want A Woman Too

    I want a woman

    Who’s body is supple and tight

    Who’s luscious skin I could kiss all night

    Who knows I love to bite

    And fuckin’ A that’s All Right


    I want a woman

    Who loves to tickle my back

    Because of how it makes me relax

    She laughs ‘cuz I go into a trance 

    And knows never to do it during romance

    Because I’ll fall asleep on her

    One-Hundred percent chance


    I want a woman

    Who loves when I worship her feet

    Who’s toes are little and sweet

    Who’s heels are as juicy as meat

    Who I’ll always pedicure as a treat

    Who’s instep, ball, and arches I will eat


    I want a woman

    Who’s intelligence stimulates me

    Who thinks I’m as smart as can be

    We find each other’s mind sexy


    I want a woman

    Who makes me laugh and sing

    Who digs all of my bling

    Who’s bell I will constantly ring

    She’s My Queen

    I’m Her King


    I want a woman

    Who doesn’t want a family

    I’m enough of a kid already

    And as a matter of fact so is she


    I want a woman who gets 

    When a song comes on that moves my heart

    I have to sing, no matter where we are

    She gives me that space

    Doesn’t think I’m a head case

    Because she knows

    Only Music and Her can bring me to that place


    I want a woman

    Who gets turned on when she sees me play drums

    So much so that she practically comes


    I want a woman

    Who’s lives we mutually complete

    Who can cook ‘cuz we both love to eat

    Not only food but each other

    A very passionate lover

    Who’ll experiment under the covers

    And treat me like no other


    I want a woman

    Who loves the way I smell

    Who sniffs me and goes under a spell

    She does the same for me

    It’s one reason I fell


    So madly in love with her 


        - SuperFly Clint

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