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    Universe Denter

           Came across this email that someone wrote to me a little over a year ago. When I read it then, it moved me. When I read it a few days ago, however, it still moved me, but it’s context is different today than it was fifteen months earlier.
           The email means something more to me now than it did then, because of where I’m at today and what I’ve come to. I have a viscerally different experience today when I read this little note than I did even just a few short months ago. That excites me to no end. Because that is true evidence of progress, of growth, of some sort of transformation.  
           And, if that were not enough, just now, as I’m writing this little prelude to the aforementioned email, a feather flies right in front of me. It hangs around for about half a minute, floating and darting, riding the air currents, just like in the movie Forrest Gump. In fact, exactly like in Forrest Gump. I’ve got goosebumps watching it here, outside of Starbucks in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Most coffee shops where I go to write don’t have tables outside. This one does, and I felt the pull of the outdoors. Taken with what I’m writing about, this little episode was yet another sign from the universe that I’m on the right track.
           Man, I love this shit…….

    “Got a chance to read some of your stuff. I continue my thought from the other are truly a fascinating guy. I've got a challenge trying to rationalize the whole package in my head - there's some really contradictory pieces you put out there. So for now, I'm just going to think of you as "the onion” (as in, you clearly have a lot of layers).

    Glad you got inspired at your seminar yesterday. You inspired me too. You are clearly living your life out loud. I've done the complete opposite. I have done some really cool stuff, but have almost put the sunglasses on so people DON'T notice. Almost like, "if you have to tell people your cool, you aren't". They always have - I just always brush my stuff aside like I'm too cool to care. Or it would be arrogant to ask people to pay attention.

    I've decided to take the sunglasses off. Time to live out loud a little myself. Granted, you'll never see me sporting a purple satin shirt kind of out loud, but I'm going to put my stuff out there and watch what happens. Meeting you was just one open door I happened to walk through, and I met a truly unique, authentic, cool person. And if connect all those dots over the course of a year, I bet I'll have a pretty amazing year.
    So thanks for kicking it off. You made a dent in my universe. And that's pretty f'ing cool.”

           Today, I see this touching note as yet more testimony to my dharma, to my life’s calling, to my nature, to my way. I see it as more validation for what has become progressively clearer to me over the summer, especially during my time at Omega and Kripalu.    
            I dent people’s universe. Clint Piatelli: Universe Denter.
            I’ll take that.

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