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    The Blizzard of Two Thousand Five

           The Historic Nor'easter Blizzard of 2005, which started on Cape Cod at approximately 5 pm on Saturday, January 22 and continued until late Sunday afternoon, reigns as my favorite snow weekend of all time.
           I was living in North Falmouth at the time. My girlfriend and I were actually skiing up in North Conway, New Hampshire the Friday before the storm. It was a stupendous day of skiing. The positively brutal cold kept virtually everyone except us off the mountain. The snow was plentiful, hard, and fast. Just how I like it. The sky was sunny and cloudless, providing stunning vistas with unlimited visibility.
           Tracking the storm throughout the week, I watched the weather forecast for Cape Cod very closely whilst we were in New Hampshire. When the prediction was for an epic Nor'easter, we packed up and actually headed home a day early. We left lots of snow to experience the possibility of titanic amounts of snow; the true sign of a snow junkie.
           On the way from New Hampshire, we stopped at a supermarket to grab some supplies, listening to the forecast all the way home. With each passing hour, the certainty of a positively crippling snowstorm grew. I could barely contain my enthusiasm. On our way home, we picked up her two wonderful kids from the grandparents, so they were in the car with us. I think I was even more excited than they were about the oncoming fluffy white assault. No shock there I suppose.
           Coming out of the supermarket, I remember walking to the car carrying a few bags of food, when I saw and felt the very first flakes start to fall. It was one of those crystalline moments that signify the very beginning of something really significant; kind of like that very first moment you are ever inside of a woman, or that very first moment a man is inside of you. Actually, my snow moment is far more memorable than my first second of losing my virginity. That whole experience is pretty much a blur. This experience was anything but that. I can still see the picture of that moment in my mind’s eye as though it were yesterday. I can re-experience the positively euphoric feeling of joy and wonder and anticipation just by thinking about it.
           More about this weekend in following posts. I’ll also be posting some pictures of the weekend as well, of which I took hundreds. Here’s one of them, taken at Sunday around 1 pm, towards the end of the storm.

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